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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 'Good-Stuff' in "Now"

Hey guys!!!  ....

......could you forgive me? Pretty please...for being MIA over the past week or so. *covers face* I've been so overwhelmed at work, two of my friends have called me a workaholic today already. The life I chose, they say. But like I told both of them, just because I haven't written/called, doesn't mean you haven't been on my mind. Just like my friends, I think about NwaVic readers every day. Unfortunately, every day after work, after I swear up and down that I'll blog in the evening, sleep wins over will. Not much of an excuse. But yes, please forgive yours truly :-)

I've been having a hard time recently. This work schedule is drilling me. I barely have time to do much else except eat, sleep, and work and every minute extra I have, I rush to briefly visit my nephew and/or niece. But when I was in school, I couldn't wait to start working. And now I'm working, I can't wait to find another job with a much saner work schedule. 

Let me back-track a bit....

When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to finish and be a college girl. Then when I started college, I was excited for all of 5 minutes before I couldn't wait to graduate and start law school. So I expedited my major so much so that I was done with all my requirements by my third year. I couldn't possibly graduate college at 18 so I picked up a second major, hurried that one up just so I could spend no minute more than 4 years in college and start law school. Two weekends ago, I visited my college because my baby sisters started there and I sat in on a class with them. Not only did I feel old, I really miss it. That was THE life but I bet you current college students like my baby sister don't believe me. And from experience, I don't expect them to. Well, until they graduate and enter the real world. 

So yea after college, everyone told me to take a year off, and  maybe travel; after all I graduated college at 20 years old. But no! I couldn't wait! So I hurriedly entered law school. I complained all through law school. I couldn't wait to graduate and take the bar. Then I graduated and couldn't wait to take the bar. Then I took the bar, and I could hardly wait for the result to come out. Then I passed. Then I couldn't wait to get a Master's. After the first semester of that, I got bored but I trucked through it anyway just to get a job. Now I have a job, I'm stressed because I hardly have any time and I'm back to square one- looking for something else.

I know I've been babbling a bit but I'm trying to make a I hope you're getting by now. As human beings, we are hardly satisfied with where we are in life. We are in such a hurry to get to the next stage, we forget to savor where we are. We all couldn't wait to grow up only to grow up and find out that growing up really sucks.....those who are single can't wait to get married, those who are married miss the freedom of the single life, those who don't have kids can't wait to have little ones and those who have kids wonder when they'll get to be selfish again. I'd like to say this is the circle of life. But I'm not sure its a good circle to be in.

Yesterday, I realized I'd been whining a lot about this job. When I have to wake up early, I complain that I need at least one more hour of sleep, forgetting that the fact that I woke up at all is a blessing. When I'm in traffic, I curse that I have to be sitting in one place for long periods of time when I could be sleeping, forgetting that I should be thankful that I have a car and a job to go to. When I have extra work that seems to be a challenge, I'm furious at the responsibility, forgetting that the fact that I'm given a challenge is an opportunity to grow and it means someone believes in my capability.

So, I decided to stop whining about how my job doesn't afford me any time and savor the good parts. So, I made a list of the good things about the job. To start with, there's monetary security....I'm learning and I'm networking. Until I get a job with a better schedule, I have to try to appreciate where I am and what it offers me. I've realized there's nothing like the perfect life...but the good life is always in front me. I am choosing to see it and appreciate it. I'm choosing my "now".

I'm just you feel the same way? Like you're so focused on the future, you loose sight of the "now"? If you do, you're not alone. Do this with me- think about the good things about where you are in life today....pick out the good stuff about it and focus on it....start with the fact that you're alive and healthy...That alone is a privilege.  Do this and I bet you, it'll make your day better :-)

P.S. There's so much more to say on this than can be fit into one stay tuned for part two ;-)

Stay Inspired....
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Carry-Overs and Unanswered Prayers

For the past five years or so, every January, I write down a list of things I want to happen that year in my life and every month during that year, I check the list and check beside everything as they happen. At the end of the year when I do a total assessment, I find that no matter how much I pray over it and work towards it that year, only about 75% of it gets answered, and at least 25% doesn't happen. These unanswered prayers become, as I call them, "carry overs" because I have to put them on the list again for the next year.

Last week as I was reassessing my 2012 list and penning my 2013 list, I noticed two requests which have been carry-overs two times in a row. It really made me wonder why God has decided to ignore these my requests. I was still pondering this when I walked into church today and heard the sermon I so needed to hear. It was on the Seven Hindrances to Prayer by Pastor ABK Appiah and it gave me a bit of insight into changes I needed to make to the way I went about seeking these requests from God.

I've written them down how I took notes in church (Sshort and to the point) this is the summarized version but for every hindrance, I'll tell you what I learned.

I was truly inspired. I hope you are too.

1. Spiritual Warfare:  If as a Christian, you never run into the devil, it means you are going the same direction as he is. In other words, the devil is always at work to divert God's plan in our lives.   Stay vigilant and live a prayerful life. Learn to pray without season and not just when you need something from God.
Put on the armor of God

2. Sin in our lives: Sin literally blocks our prayers from getting to God. You can't live in sin and expect God to reward you with answered prayers. You can't serve Master A and expect Master B to reward you. God rewards loyal holiness. Enough said.

3. Selfish Motives: What exactly are the requests you are asking of God and what do you want to use them for? If the purpose of your prayer is only for your personal pleasure, then it may not be answered. When you pray, ask God to bless you so you can bless and not curse or look down on others. And make sure to keep your word when the prayer is answered! The pastor gave an example of a man who asks for more money or a better job just so he could feel superior and maltreat those under him. Not cool!

4. Misplaced priorities: When you pray, are you putting God first? Are you asking for a car so you can worship it? or an Ipad so it can cut into your prayer time? Make sure you're not worshipping worldly things. Put God first!

5. Stinginess: Are you giving the house of God? Invest in God's house. You can do so in numerous ways: tithing, helping the less privileged or by using your talent for his glory. Give and watch your request list get cleaned up!

6: Lack of faith: One of my favorite bible verses is Mathew 17: 20 which says, "if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you". In other words, you can't pray as a back-up and trust in yours or another human's ability to make it happen. You have to solely and primarily trust in God's ability...when you pray, acknowledge that your human efforts are just to effectuate God's blessings. Believe to receive!
The mustard seed is soo tiny....Just a little faith can get you through...
7. An unforgiving spirit: Grudges poisons our hearts and if you can't forgive someone who has offended you, how can God clear your heart, forgive your sins, and grant your request? In simpler terms, forgiveness clears the channel between our hearts and God and gets your requests up and His answers down smoothly.

That's it. Learned a thing or two for the new year? I know I did.

This year, May all our carry-overs become answered prayers and may every single request on our prayer list be checked off by December 31st. Amen. :-)

Stay Inspired...

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Live Beyond the Motions...

Ever since my immediate older sister moved into her marital home, about 30 minutes away from our family home, I've used a GPS system each and every time I make a trip to hers.

This is the routine; I get in the car, turn up the music loud, put in the address of her house and strictly but mindlessly follow the directions emanating from the GPS. And Voila! I arrive at her house. I'd done this so much that I didn't even notice that I didn't know the directions to my sister's house from my house until about a month ago when my younger sister said, "ah Ral, you shouldn't need this GPS". She was right. I have to have been to my sister's house at least 50 times, yet I didn't know how to get there without relying on an electronic system. 

Then I had an epiphany. I'd been going through the motions and because I was comfortable doing so, I never bothered to learn the directions. So! I was overdue for a challenge. For the first time a month ago, I drove to my sister's house without the GPS. I was scared and anxious that I'd get lost. In fact I was so worried, I drove without music. I paid attention closer because I didn't want to miss an exit. And even though I got lost briefly and had to pull over for a minute, to figure out where I was , you can best guarantee that because I actually used my brain to figure out how to get back on the right exit, I'd never get lost again. At the end, I got to her house without the GPS. Proudly, I can say that I have driven there severally without a GPS ever since. On my recent GPS-less trips, I have started noticing a few things that were inexistent to me before. I have noticed landmarks before the right exits, shorter routes, and roads that connect from her house to my job. I'm incredibly proud of myself. 
Let me tell you why. This epiphany meant more to me than simply the use of a GPS system. It is essentially a metaphor of life. Often, when we go through the motions, we get comfortable and never challenge ourselves. We get stuck in the schedule of life that we never stop to smell the roses or aspire to reach our full potential. Sometimes, we need to challenge ourselves. Its scary but worth the try. And even though we may get lost on the way up, it'll teach us invaluable lessons beyond what we could ever expect and open our senses to things we'd never have noticed while going through the motions. What I've learned is that the sense of pride and accomplishment and most importantly, the ultimate result of your journey up will teach you that YOU deserve more than the motions.

As you enter the new year, whether your motions involve a stale-but-comfortable relationship, a job that doesn't make you happy, a vacation that remains untaken, or a dream that remains unfulfilled, resolve to challenge yourself to reach your full potential. Get off the "motions", stop to take in the scent of your life, and get into 2013 hungry to live beyond the repetitive wheels of stale comfort. 

 In 2013, may you live beyond the motions. May you discover new joys, embark on new journeys and give more meaning to your life. May the sadness of 2012 remain history and may the prosperities of your 2012 abound in 2013. May your 2013 be filled with peace, prosperity, happiness, and good living. This and many more, I wish for you. Yes, you :-)

With Love from NwaVic.

Stay Inspired.