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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holy Hoses?

So for the past couple years my best friend Chioma and I have been putting together a compilation of poems for publication. It was supposed to have been published earlier this year but we had some hiccups so its still in the works. So, look out for it ;-) Chioma and I have been writing and sharing poems since our JS1 (7th grade) days so I'm excited to co-publish my first book with a friend so dear to my heart :-)

In light of that, I decided to share a poem I wrote some years ago. Its about "something" we each encounter everyday (at least I hope so) but here's the mandate---what is this "thing" I write about? Read the poem and comment on what you think I mean by "Holy Hoses". I'm excited to see who guesses it right ;-)
Holy Hoses

Your grace in form of water blesses me.
With you, I’m clean. From tiny holes you speak
your piece. Sometimes as cruelly sharp as sticks.
Sometimes as gently dull as morn. You’ve seen
it all. The skinny, ugly, pretty, fat
and tall. The white walls that surround you, bore
you. Sprinkle glory on my mortality.
Rouse my slumber. Send me back again.
Tomorrow and you start my day. Last night
you ended it. You. Cold or warm, just like
slim pins, you raid my skin attempting to
decipher cast and body.
Color from flesh.
I say, “alert me” not “abuse my drowse”.
Alarm my senses in the am. Caress
my tire in the pm. Arrest my dirt.
Forgive my transience. Butter my chocolate skin.
Silently punching me. Punishing sins ago.
Pardon my lapse.
Just rain…

Stay Inspired...


Anonymous said...

taking a shower :)

kecina said...

anon is right or is there sth else? Spill the beans abeg!

Princess R said...

Anonymous is right. I guess it wasn't as difficult a trivia as I thought *sigh* I will have to come up with one more challenging LOL. Thanks for participating :-)