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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Gorgeous Wedding in a Gorgeous Location ~ Tinapa Calabar

I'd always heard that Calabar, (Cross-River State) Nigeria was a must-visit. My mom frequents it and my baby sisters had been once. I'd always wanted to go, so when we received a wedding invitation from a close family friend Ijeoma and it read "Venue: Tinapa, Calabar", I was alllll in and a bag of chips. My excitement knew no bounds.

Upon arrival at Tinapa Lakeside Hotel, my excitement was validated.

The scenery was breathtaking, the hotel was wayyyy above "standard" and the wedding was breathtakingingly classy. In fact, the whole thing was giving me all kinds of unconventional ideas *lips sealed* ;-)

The sermon at the wedding was soo inspiring (read it here.). In fact, the whole experience was one I'd never forget. What I regret is that I was busy having so much fun, I didn't take as many pictures for you as should. I'll let the few pictures I "did" take tell the story for me.

By the way, this has to be the only wedding I've been to in Nigeria, that wasn't crowded.

Enjoy :-)


Excited me :-)
Hotel Lounge

Family :-)

Pre-wedding barbeque/comedy show at the waterpark

This comedian was hilarious
My mommie & I :-)

Wedding Ceremony

Happy Bride :-) 
She's so pretty
Sitting on air hehehe
Mom & Baby sis
Mom & I  
Baby sis #1

The beautiful bride & I

Baby Sis #2

The Reception

Post-Wedding Affairs

Good-bye Tinapa....

 Congrats Ijeoma and Henry!

Stay Inspired.....

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