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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Shadow You Cast

This morning, my daily devotion told about Peter, the apostle. He was a man with a healing aura around him. His positive aura was so strong, people waited for him on the streets to pass by so his shadow could fall on them when he passed.

I was truly inspired because it reminded me of a principle my father lived by...the vitality of good legacy. He'd always say, "your personal legacy is the most important thing you can leave behind long after you're gone. It's bigger than money. It's bigger than power." In other words, the shadow you cast is what makes you great. Maybe that's why my middle name means "a good name is better than money". A principle I hold dear and struggle to live by.

While working on your shadow, you should also be mindful of the shadows you subject yourself to. People in your life should be enriching your "shadow".

I know a person like that. She's such a beautiful soul that everyone who gets in contact with her leaves feeling like they can conquer the world. You tell her a secret, you best believe she'll only remember it when she needs to encourage you. You tell her a problem, and she'll be praying with you. You tell her a sin, and she'll smile and tell you how to come back from it, when you choose to. No, she's not perfect but her light shines. Only by her mere presence.  If you've read this space long enough, you'd know people in my life each serve a purpose, as I hope I'm doing same. In each relationship I feed and nurture, I am observing things in them that'll help improve my life because I know people in my life should enrich me, even if not by their words but by their presence.

I'm always in the process of understanding the impact of my shadow. Our shadow goes with us wherever we go. It doesn't fall on us but on the people we interact with. So, today as you speak and act, focus on building others up (not tearing them down), encouraging others, and helping others and not hurting.

Cast a good shadow. Let it fall on a friend, a coworker or just a passer-by. Let it be positive. Let it be beautiful. And let it inspire.

Have a blessed week!

Stay Inspired....


Chichi said...

Awesome. My own personal mantra is good name is better than money. It guides my decisions and thought processess. God bless you

Princess R said...

It's a very important mantra to live life on. God bless you too

Unknown said...

I love this! Peter is one of my favorites! He is a beautiful example of loving/living for God and the blessings/responsibilities that come to us as a result of God's Love living within and working through us. Thank you for this post. You have always been and will always be such an inspiration me. Your blog is amazing. Be Blessed Love!

Princess R said...

Thank you dear! Stay blessed & inspired :-)