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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! 

Yes yes & yes, I know I'm a bit late and I’ve been MIA for the past month. Please forgive. I promise, I didn't forget you...I just decided to escape reality a bit and end my year of Traveling Ral with a trip to Nigeria…nothing like being home. I just got back two days ago and I am incredibly jetlagged. 

How was it? Amazing! It has to take the record for the best trip to Nigeria thus far. I got a chance to catch up with familiar faces and a better chance to meet new ones. :-)

I spent the first 10 days  with my best friend Chioma in Abuja. Liberating? Check. Inspring? Check. Fun? Check. Everything good? Check. Chioma is the quintessential example of a good host. I loved every moment of it. She even hosted a birthday soiree for me at her house. For those of you who forgot, my birthday was on December 14th. :-) I can't wait till she visits me to reciprocate her warmth and generosity. 

Then, I headed to Enugu on the 18th to meet up with the family for Christmas and New Year. Everyone came home!  It was awesome to have every single member of the clan under the same roof. Amidst it all, we held my big sister Ogo’s traditional marriage ceremony on December 27th. Family bonding? Check. Stressful? Check. Fun? Check.

I spent the last five days of my trip in Abuja and had an even better time. Words can’t express. This was the first time I was leaving Nigeria and genuinely considered moving my ticket to a later time. Shoutout to all those to who dedicated their time, resources and connections to make my trip a very memorable one. Love you all!

Details and pictures coming soon. Stay tuned :-)


ije said...

Happy you had fun! and happy your back too! was getting very jealous while you were gone, lol! next time, I'm taking over Abuja with you girl!!!

Princess R said...

Yea girl! Next time, Its you and i :-)