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Monday, January 16, 2012

My Trip to Nigeria: Sights & Sounds

Hi Everyone!

Like I promised, here are some pictures from Nigeria. You may ask, "what did you do with yourself for a full month in Nigeria?" Short story is this- I reconnected with old friends, I met new ones, I celebrated my birthday (the first I've spent in Nigeria since my sweet 16), I spent time with my best friend, I slept, I ate, I drove (scary!), I danced, I learned new things, enjoyed old favorite foods, sampled new ones, I watched movies, I reflected, my sister Ogo had her traditional marriage ceremony, I traveled and most importantly, I spent quality time with my was the first time in 3 years the whole clan was together. I miss it. My body is back from Nigeria but I need to bring my mind back. *covers face*.

I took 750 pictures! (don't judge). I selected a few to post on here; a little bit from every thing I did. I hope it tells the vividly true story of a memorable vacation that needs an encore! Enjoy!

First day in Abuja
My ride or die friend/lil sis Nelo
My oh so yummy Bday cake
Nelo & I at Club Play
With my bigsis Obs
Love this cutie!
With my friend Oge
Driving in Nigeria? Chaos. Scary. iSurvived!
My big sis Og
My baby sisters Nazo & Dera
My baby bro KK
Friends from high school; Ify & Gusta
My best friend Chioma & I
With my sisters :-)
Og & her husband at her traditional marriage ceremony
Bride & I
My best friend's birthday
At Og's trad

Good food!
My friend Ify. Hadn't seen her since 2000 or so

The complete VNDT clan :-)
My big bro Uz

Did I already say I had a blast? Incase I didn't, let me say it again; I had the time of my life! AND I'm going back soon 0_0.

Hugs & kisses to all those who made my trip worth it. Love you all.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

Stay Inspired :-)

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