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Friday, October 5, 2012

Oby's Baby Shower ~New Jersey

Happy Friday!!!

On September 23, 2012, a baby shower was thrown in honor of Oby, my older sister who's pregnant with her first child. And yea, my other older sister Ogo is preggers we have double wobblers in the family. Yippie!!!

Here are the pictures from the event held in New Jersey. Enjoy! 

Oby, The celebrated Soon-to-be Mom 

The proud Grandma-to-be on the left

The Nwakanma's. Too cute

My double Wobbler sisters :-)


Oby and Benson- The celebrated Soon-to-be parents

Yours truly 'Kukere'ing lol

Daddy-to-be is excited

Time to go :-)
Yours truly
Thanks to all those who came out to support the family. Have a lovely weekend! :-)

Stay Inspired...

Photos courtesy of Kele Akaniro


Ada said...
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Ada said...

Lovely pics! The double wobblers are too cute. Congratulations you two

Omaa Ubajaka said...

Oh the double wobblers are glowing! They are just beautiful! And the treats...yummmm...Seems everyone had fun! Oh bless!!! Looking forward to babies'pics when they arrive. You are all in our prayers.

Cake and Socks said...

Lovely pics! You and your sisters are beautiful! Congrats to your sisters!

Princess R said...

Thank you all :-)