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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Living on God's Clock

Do you ever sit and wonder what your future really holds? Do you ever ask yourself, "When will I stop living check-to-check?" "When will I find the one?" "When will I get married?" "Will I ever get over my loss?" "When will I get that big break?" "When will I get that big job?" "Will I ever be well-to-do?" "Will I ever be truly happy?"

As early as 7, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer like my mom. By 12, I had mapped out how my life would turn out. The most important element of that map was time. Every event had a year attached to it. I made no room for mishaps, for derails, for disappointments, for traffic, for detours or for bumps on the road. I made no time for life's swerves. or for life itself.

This backfires a lot because when things don't happen when they are "supposed" to or don't happen at all, I get frustrated.

Today, my morning devotion gave me a bit of insight....and inspiration. It read : 
"Dear Friends, don't forget that for the Lord, one day is the same as 1,000 years, and 1,000 years is the same as one day" ~2 Peter 3: 8.
Lesson learned? God's clock ticks differently from ours.  

Everything we want, we want it now. I'm guilty. Waiting sucks. I hate it. I hate waiting at the doctor's office. I hate waiting at the grocery line. I hate waiting. Period. Maybe I have OCD or maybe I like to feel like I control my destiny.

But I don't. My future is not in my hands. It's in God's. It moves according to God's timeline. Not mine.  That alone can be relieving, if I let it. Because I can relax and enjoy the ride. So can you.

Won't you love to just see the actual clock God uses? It'll help you plan your life, right? Unfortunately, trusting God is what our faith is built on. If we get to see God's time, we won't need to have faith and we won't need God. And He is a God who wants to be reverenced and needed. He deserves it.

So, next time you ask yourself a question that begins with "When" or "Will I ever", remind yourself that God is beyond time. He sees and exists in the past, present and future all at the same time. And His timing is always perfect and for our good. I mean, is there a better person to live on their map? Could there ever be a better to timeline to guide your steps? Who better to trust than a God with such a wide ranged view of your existence?

Today, I was reminded that there's no better clock to tick on my behalf. 
Stay Inspired....

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chet said...

everything is indeed beautiful in God's time. Keep it up girl!!!!!!

Princess R said...

Yep! Thank you :-)