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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Tips & Ideas for Your Special Someone

Valentine's Day is coming up fast. And if you have someone special in your life, its about time to plan your special day. And its never complete without that special gift.

Unlike other gift-giving occasions, Valentine's Day is special because it celebrates love in its simplest form. Valentine's Day gifts have to be memorable, incredibly personal and most of all, romantic. If you gift well, Valentine's Day could be the least expensive gift-giving holiday for you because its not about money, its about expressing love and appreciation.

So! because I'm thoughtful and love-filled (;-)), I thought it'd be helpful to inspire you with some gift tips & ideas to help you avoid the "disappointed" look on your significant others' face when you give them the gift they very well know you bought that morning.

1. Something personalized: If there's ever time to go for personalized gifts, its Valentine's Day. While mugs and shot glasses are cute, you could leave those for wedding souvenirs. Instead, go for personalized underwear, boxers, jersey for his/her favorite sports team, bath robes, ties, pillow cases, cuff links or photo collages. If ever in doubt, Personalization Mall is the place to shop for all things personalized.
2. Cook or take a class together: Skip the conventional dinner for two if you've done it too many times and schedule me-time in the kitchen. My sister Oby would advise to take it a step further and sign up for a cooking/baking/painting class together. She does this a lot with her husband and swears by it. This works out perfectly especially if you find restaurants too busy and impersonal due to Valentine's Day traffic. It becomes less about the food and more about the bonding experience.

3. Something practical yet thoughtful: Unless you've confirmed that your significant other still gushes at this, skip the chocolate and teddy bear. While they are cute, sometimes your significant other wants something they can use daily that will remind them of you. What have they been complaining that they need for a while now? If you've been paying attention, this should come to mind easily. For e.g. do they commute to work or school? A GPS will do the trick. Trust me, the romance is in the fact that you were thinking about what will make their life easier.

4. Write a love letter: Use a paper and a pen. Tell them how much they add to your world and make it better. If you think your hand writing is so bad, it'll ruin the message, consider kipping the store-bought valentines day card and ordering one online using a picture of you two as the front and your personalized message. makes them great.
5. Indulge their hobby: Remember its a day about celebrating the person you love and their essence. Often, you don't need to go far to learn the little things that make him or her happy. For e.g. if your girl is feeling stressed, a gift card to a massage parlor is just what she needs. For him, maybe tickets to their favorite sports game. If she likes to cook or bake, a personalized apron. If she loves to take pictures, a camera or camera accessory. If he loves a certain TV show or movie, the complete DVD series or related paraphernalia always wins. If he loves his suits, personalized cufflinks are too cute. Once I got a boyfriend a personalized Jersey for his favorite Sports team with his name and favorite number and he wore it everywhere. Again, its the thought that counts.
6. Gift by Action: You know what they say about how the best gifts are not monetarily affordable. Somethings, no amount of money can buy. For example, you could serve your honey breakfast in bed, give them a personal massage (;-)), run them a hot bath filled with rose petals and 2 glasses of wine or you could just take the day off to cuddle with them. What a lot of people don't know is that the most precious gift a person could give you is their time and attention.
7. Make Love resolutions: Because Valentine's Day is about love, this post won't have been complete without using the day to renew your love commitment to your significant other.  Even though you should make an effort every day to make your relationship better, Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to remind yourself about the things you love about your significant other and recommit to loving them more.

Ofcourse, despite all these, if still in doubt, for the ladies, flowers and/or jewelry are always a win for the ladies. And personal massages and sports-related gifts always win.

Best of Luck and Happy Love Day in advance!

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