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Sunday, May 13, 2012

You CAN do it! Ivy League School Janitor Graduates with Honors

Its Mother's Day in the U.S. today.  Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom, Moms-to-be and Moms-at-heart! Its a tough job and today, we salute you all like we should every day.
Scouting for inspiration, I came across a great story today. 

Its about Gac Filipaj, a 52 year old Albanian refugee who's job was to mop floors, clean toilets and take out trash at Columbia University in New York. 

After first learning English, he applied to the University and took advantage of his opportunity as a Columbia employee to take classes for free. 

Today, after twelve years of balancing his studies with his job as a janitor, he donned a cap and gown and walked across the stage to receive a bachelor's degree in classics with Honors. 

To juggle school and work, he worked from 2:30-11p.m, then pulled all-nighters to study, went to class in the morning, and then back to work at 2:30pm. 
Peter Awn, dean of Columbia's School of General Studies and professor of Islamic studies described him as "a man with great pride, immensely humble and grateful" and an "individual who makes his own future" 
Filipaj says he wants to go on to get a Master's, maybe even a Ph.D. 
I say, keep on keeping on. 
It makes me think about the lot of us who are more privileged yet we take it all for granted. 
No matter what dream you want for yourself, STRIVE steadfastly. Its all within your reach. It may take time, but hold tight, you WILL get where you want to be.
Stay Inspired....


Cake and Socks said...

Love it! warms my heart!

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Thank you. Glad you like :-)