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Monday, July 23, 2012

Today's Inspiration- Hillsong's "God is Able"

I walked into Monrovia Christian Fellowship(MCF) on my first Sunday in Monrovia not sure what to expect....I wasn't even sure I wanted to be awake since I had stayed up till 4am the night before watching bootleg DVDs...I had started questioning what I was even doing in Monrovia to start with. There had been no electricity that morning as I got ready for church and the water in the tank was running low. To make matters worse, I had just crawled out of a dirty taxi...and I'm not talking about your usual "unkept" & "needs routine cleaning" taxi. This one was the kind my modest tight-fit-but-below-the-knee designer dress had never anticipated. Ever.

At that point, walking into MCF probably was the best thing I did for myself that week. The praise and worship was one of the best, if not the best. The praise and worship team was vibrant, just loud enough, coordinated and well-practiced. The sermon lasted no more than 25 minutes. Just like my attention span. The message was short, it was practical, it was Bible-based and it was clear. Just my type.. The pastor was enthusiastic, funny and eloquent.

What's more is that if you look around Monrovia, the effect of war is still apparent, and nothing (like I'm used to) seems to work as it should be...yet, the people are very hopeful...I watched as every single person worshipped like their tomorrow depended on God's grace. Its inspiring to see people who would be excused for being angry or grumpy, living content and depending on hope and faith in God.
Monrovia Christian Fellowship, Monrovia, Liberia

Ice cream after church, Naija style :-)
Needless to say, Sundays has become one of my favorite things about Monrovia. Don't let anyone tell you different, as a Christian, a good Sunday service somehow erases all the stress from the week before and gets you ready for the challenges of the week ahead.
Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.  ~Berthold Auerbach. 
For me, especially, since I've been working really hard since I've been here, by Saturday, I'm dragging my feet and feeling a bit like the multi-colored annoying "loading" cursor on my MAC notebook when my internet is slow.

But for the past 3 sundays I've been to MCF,  and each time, afterwards, I've felt like someone right clicked me, clicked "stop" and hit "refresh".

Yesterday, I was still trying to figure out where to place my purse in church so I could keep at eye on it, when Hillsong's "God is Able" came on. The instrumental in the beginning was what caught and still has my attention. Its so soothing and easy to listen to.

Whoever denies that music heals the soul hasn't heard a tune that rearranges your being. Late last year, I blogged my Got Me Through Playlist. Today, Hillsong's "God is Able" just got added to the list because it has been on replay all day today. It's probably what got me through the hectic 9am-7pm workday I had today.

Hope you like :-)

Stay Inspired....


Anonymous said...

Another great post. Monrovia sounds like a place I should visit..this continent is really interesting- currently in West Southern Africa right now also a country that was affected by a long civil war. The level of change since the last time I was here about 5 years ago is astounding but its still not easy working here. However, with the western economies being mature and troubled..we have so much potential here- I believe the answers to the challenges will come from us Africans and the continent will be even greater but its going to take a lot of hard work, sacrifice and Gods wisdom + grace! How do Liberians feel about Nigerians and other foreigners? are there a lot of foreigners there? Its ironic I've been to two other 'off the beaten track' African cities this year and have meet people who either absolutely love and admire Nigerians or dislike, distrust and are threatened by us. Im strangely proud when they tell me/take me to the market and show me the markets where my brothers are selling spare parts or running a hair salon or something else legal. Its great that individuals are willing to take that risk to find/create economic opportunities.

Princess R said...

Thank you so much for your very insightful comment. I couldn't agree with you more- the power to make our continent better lies in our hands...if we put in the hard work and prayers we need. From my conversations with some Liberians, they see Nigerians as more extravagant than they are...and yes, corrupt as well. But in some weird sense, they also seem to idolize our entertainment industry. On the streets of Monrovia, Nigerian movies and music are all that is sold.

There are quite a lot of foreigners here- because the United Nations presence here is thick...I've met so many at work alone..Malawians, Americans, one from England, one from Ghana and one from Iran. There are also a lottt of lebanese people here who own businesses and buildings.

You're right too about Nigerian traders being here selling spare parts and the like. There are quite a number of them here as well. Our people can hustle :-)

ije said...

Nice post. :-)