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Friday, July 13, 2012

What Love Is

This isn't my first post on love. But that post was one I thought about and put together based on 1 Corinthians 13. Today, for the first time, I defined love without thinking.

Today, amidst a really good conversation online, I was asked, "what is love?"
Within a few seconds, I had written over a paragraph...I hadn't realized I was typing so much. I don't even think I was breathing as I was typing. When I looked up, here's what I saw....

Love is unconditional. It is patient. It is kind. It is tolerant and it endures. Love means seeing another person for who and what they are, at their lowest, faults and all, and loving them anyway. Love means putting that person's interests above yours. 
Love is crying together when times are bad and rejoicing together when times are good. Love is building each other up. Love means security. It means being able to go through life fearlessly because you know someone has your back at all times. It means knowing someone loves you eternally. Love is knowing that the person will defend you against werewolves of life. 
Love grows. 
Sometimes love is tested. But when its real, it always wins. 
Can you tell that came from somewhere deep?

If you've found something like this, and its mutual, jackpot!  To everyone still looking, may cupid find you. Amen!

Sidebar: I think I've now developed a deeper interest in decoding that in other terms, so you may just be seeing more posts about this. hehehe

Happy Friday people! Can't wait to do some sightseeing in Monrovia this weekend. I'll keep you posted.

Stay inspired.....

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chichi said...

Wow, that was deep. Am copying this.